Exchange: Act of giving something of value, in return for another item or service of value.


E-Commerce: Transactions conducted electronically on the Internet.



Sourcing products, automating your entire process, working with influencers, capitalizing on trends and climbing to the top even in saturated industries. Learn how Drop Shipping through Shopify is one of the most popular go-to routes for Entrepreneurs, and learn how create, launch, scale, grow, and maintain a successful Drop Shipping site.

ebay/amazon (coming soon)

Acting as the middle-man and selling products to your customers from these popular sites, never worrying about shipping or inventory, and allowing you to focus on marketing, scaling, and generating high-volume traffic to convert into high-volume sales.



Creating your own unique brand, working with and sourcing suppliers, testing samples, creating quality products, designing unique and stand-out products and merchandise. Learn how to create your very own unique brand from scratch and market your goods online.


Why Are We Doing This?

We, much as yourselves, had to start somewhere. Scouring the Internet daily for hours, searching for that one piece of info that would magically link all the little pieces in our head, studying successful entrepreneurs. We didn't have a platform, a one-stop-shop, a continuously growing community of E-Commerce Entrepreneurs, a huge, 100+ video course, 1000+ hours of content to learn from successful drop shippers and entrepreneurs. Now you have all of this, all in one place. What are you waiting for, its free?