What Is Drop Shipping?

Drop Shipping, in it's most simple form, is simply selling someone else's product, and taking a percentage of that sale. You yourself never touch the products, you simply market them on your own site, and attract customers that purchase from your site, and receive their product from the supplier directly.

you find suppliers / products

Find suppliers, and import their products into your site. Through our instructional courses, you'll learn exactly how to spot, find, and source popular, quality products from proven suppliers.

list them on your site

Import the products to your site, set a price, description, images, and publish them. Through our instructional courses, you'll learn exactly how to effectively price your products, list them, and market them to an audience that will love what you're selling.

straight to the customer

You never touch inventory. Products are shipped directly to the customer who purchased the product on your site, direct from the supplier. In our instructional courses, you'll learn how to properly and efficiently manage order fulfillment and customer service, which will then enable you to scale your sales, marketing, and conversions tenfold! (which we also teach you!)

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